A place with atmosphere. Zoltners.
A wonderful restaurant, a hotel filled with countryside peace and an original brewery located in the most legendary Zemgale region, Tērvete.

Zoltners is a place where the flow of time becomes irrelevant. Peace and atmosphere of the surrounding countryside and the well considered architecture is a perfect environment to forget the city trouble and rush. Staying true to nature and caring for customers, the team of Zoltners makes sure the place embodies real values and profoundness. Be it a meal, a glass of home-brewed beer, accommodation or a scenery walk – we strive for excellence in every detail to make each encounter important.


Combinations of Northern European flavours provided by the best from Zemgale’s fields and meadows.


7 apartments. Countless stars. Out there, in the immense countryside sky.


Three original beer varieties to be found nowhere else. Homemade, from a grain to a mug.

We know that the greatest art and challenge is to create superb conditions for a great time. We work so that every minute spent here is fully enjoyed. 

Zoltners is the place of our dreams and a nurtured home for an excellent rest. Through years of travel, we have found out what environment makes us happier, more energetic and inspired. Zoltners is our formula of well-being, combining the seemingly incompatible – simplicity and sophistication, modest and democratic attitude, and the highest standards all at the same time. Zoltners carries the name of the owner’s grand grandfather, which shows responsibility and personal attitude towards every detail on the property. Whereas, the experience gained over the years managing the crop fields of Zemagle, has enhanced the inner power and patience to work without rush, instead doing it for real.

Passion and hospitality – combination of our success.

Valters Bruss


Valters as an experienced farmer has always been striving for new challenges and had a long-cherished dream to brew beer from home-grown barley, which laid the foundations of Zoltners. The family name of the grand grandfather and respect for his lifelong work in developing the family’s property gave the power and inspiration to make the dream come true.

Gunita Brusa


Her inner peace and attention to detail has created the special atmosphere of Zoltners. The Northern modesty, the warm fireplace, a friendly smile are the cornerstones of the peaceful and relaxing environment around here.

Nauris Malāhovs


The main virtuoso in our kitchen. A firm believer in local products – creates an essence from the best each season can offer. Giving the taste of delight is his mission. Has worked both in Germany and with local master chefs in Latvia.

Feel Zemgale.